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Healthy Eating Nutrition Services

Details: Tanner Health Source in Bremen. Located at 411 Alabama Avenue, in front of Higgins General Hospital. For more information about our nutrition services or to learn about current and future nutrition classes, call 770-812-5954 or email [email protected]tanner.org.

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Diet and Nutrition Cancer Care Tanner Health System

Details: Diet and Nutrition . What you put into your body — in the way of nutrition — determines what you get out of it. That’s why we offer a dietitian with special training in working with patients with cancer who is dedicated to our cancer treatment program. Cancer Diet Before Treatment.

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Healthy Eating Diabetes Nutrition Counseling

Details: Diabetes Nutrition Counseling Knowing how to control diabetes reduces your risk for other chronic diseases, illnesses and diabetes-related complications. One of the most challenging parts of living with diabetes is the dietary changes the disease requires.

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Tanner Celebrates National Nutrition Month

Details: Medical nutrition therapy provided by a dietitian includes reviewing the client’s medical history, laboratory values, eating habits and lifestyle, assessing their nutritional status and creating a personalized nutrition treatment plan. Many medical plans cover the costs of seeing a registered dietitian.

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Food As Medicine

Details: Wants to learn how to make healthier food choices. With healthy, affordable food, nutrition and diabetes education, healthy cooking classes, health coaching and more, Food As Medicine helps you live a healthier life. To qualify for the program, you must be: 18 or older. Have HbA1c levels higher than 8.0, or. Have blood pressure levels over 130/80.

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Healthy Eating Programs

Details: Kids 'N the Kitchen. Our mobile teaching kitchens, for grades K-8, help students improve their nutritional IQ by learning cooking fundamentals. The program also helps kids understand how to read food labels, identify hidden sugars and prepare healthy meals. For more information, email [email protected]tanner.org.

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Patient Meal Ordering App

Details: Patient Meal Ordering App. Mealtimes are important daily milestones for our patients during their stays, and good nutrition is essential to healing.Tanner Health System is serving up an improved dining experience for its patients with a new app for ordering meals. Patients can download the CBORD patient meal ordering app at the beginning of

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Get Healthy Live Well About Tanner Health System

Details: Get Healthy, Live Well — a comprehensive community health collaborative led by Tanner — has been working to provide community members in its service area the resources they need to lead healthier lifestyles. With the help of its partners and volunteers, Get Healthy, Live Well is helping make communities a healthier place to live, learn

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Get Healthy Live Well Healthy Kids

Details: Healthy Kids. From booties to backpacks, raising healthy kids is a high calling. Tanner’s Get Healthy, Live Well partners with local schools to offer interactive, age-appropriate programs that build excitement around nutrition, exercise and wellness. Together, we’re building a healthy future for our next generation.

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Registration Open for Tanner’s Food As Medicine Program

Details: The program provides education and nutrition support for eligible patients and their families to help manage disease risks for diabetes and high blood pressure. It also offers individualized health coaching, free healthy food weekly and fun cooking classes on preparing it.

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